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Dubbed one of the 10 Los Angeles bands to know by Pigeons and Planes, the four-piece of rockers known as Great White Buffalo are favorably positioned to stir up the music scene in 2013 and beyond. Listen to their self-titled EP and you’ll understand why they’re ranked alongside the likes of indie favorites Father John Misty and Lord Huron, among others. Engineered and co-produced by Grammy award-winning Phil Allen (Adele, Aerosmith), the layered 6-track record calls to mind influences of the Strokes, Foo Fighters and Kings of Leon while staying true to the band’s own unique sound. Considering GWB’s upcoming itinerary, which includes stops at San Francisco’s Noise Pop Festival, it is likely their fan base will only continue to multiply in the months to come.
Rock, Indie
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Los Angeles, CA
Great White Buffalo EP (2013)
Tightrope EP (2012)
Mid Twenty Nothing (Single-2012)
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Hemmingway's 04/02/2013
All ages
Residency, played every Tuesday in April
The Independent 02/23/2013
21 and older
Opened for the Revivalists
The Troubadour 06/28/2012
21 and older
Reviews & Interviews 03/07/2013
Sounds like: Kings of Leon, NO, The Dudes, Editors, Bear Lake What's so good? By John Matthew Simon | March 7th, 2013 It has often felt as if sincerity and personal conviction were run out of rock n’ roll in exchange for a tepid and demure approach to song writing, analogous to the music industry’s apprehension of change. Great White Buffalo, however, appear and sound determined to reintroduce and inject that emotional intelligence back into the veins of rock music, starting with an indie sensibility. The band has been garnering attention and for good reason. Their recent self-titled debut release, which they recorded with Grammy award-winning producer Philip Allen (Adele, Aerosmith) this past year, kicks up reminders of big sounds, challenging metaphors, and hooks that will make you & yours randy. With comparisons abounding, this L.A. quartet is set to make a splash onto the airwaves. Check out this track “Thanks for Nothing” and do yourself a solid by grabbing their record. It’s surely a wondrous way to welcome spring back into your life. View Original 02/01/2013
Great White Buffalo is probably the least known on this list. If early Kings Of Leon (i.e. the Aha Shake Heartbreakera) had a bunch of little brothers who knew their way around a rock song, that would be Great White Buffalo (dare I say, Princes Of Leon?). Their debut EP is available for a price of your choice, so head to Bandcamp and download now. The song included, "Burn," is like good sex; it starts slow but builds in intensity and by the end you feel like you need a cigarette. View Original 02/21/2013
Artist: Great White Buffalo Hail From: Los Angeles Song: 'Thanks For Nothing' Album: Great White Buffalo EP [iTunes] [Amazon] Sounds Like: Surfer Blood, Torche In Their Words: "Sometimes a song comes together in a perfect amalgamation of creative ideas from everyone in the band -- this isn't that song. We paid a homeless guy $2 to write it for us." -- Guitarist Stephen Johnson View Original 02/25/2013
The lean and mean riff that announces “Thanks for Nothing,” the opening song on Great White Buffalo’s new self-titled EP, could be the answer to that question Black Rebel Motorcycle Club posed way back when. Part first-album Kings of Leon, a little bit Surfer Blood and recalling Canadian indie-rockers the Stills, Great White Buffalo follows up last year’s four-song “Tightrope” EP with a half dozen taut rockers made with producer Phil Allen. If the L.A. quartet of singer-guitarist Graham Bockmiller, lead guitarist Stephen Johnson, bassist Paul Hiller and drummer Rich Carrillo have designs on making noise in the just-raw-enough, muscular fashion your alt-rock favorites of the past did, they are off to a very good start. Play loud. View Original 02/26/2013
Great White Buffalo weren’t afraid to get loud. Their sharp palette, plodding-to-finesse rhythm and striking guitar melodies provided guttural, mid-fi, take-it-or-leave-it soundtracks for looking to the sunrise horizon. The Los Angeles quatro had a flair for layered arrangements, modulating misdirections, and heavy, heavy groves. Great White Buffalo boasted robust vocal parity between frontman Graham Bockmiller’s gruff timbre and lead guitarist Stephen Johnson’s mellow serenity as well as tremendous drum-guitar interplay. Coy and brooding in terrific nonchalance, the band made sure to balance deft musicianship and tongue-in-cheek sentiments (often to past lovers). While clearly modern, the band dipped into sonic territories unheard since the Clinton-era, adding an overall amorphous timelessness to the reverberant, atmospheric billow. View Original 03/04/2013
As far as the music Great White Buffalo is currently turning out, well go see for yourself. If you compared them to Japandroids, The Strokes, Kings of Leon or The National you wouldn’t be too far off. With a plethora of catchy, upbeat sonic treats in his quiver, Bockmiller and co. have more than enough ammo to sustain a great live show. View Original 04/04/2013
Los Feliz‘s Great White Buffalo recently produced another EP and it’s their best work yet. Co-produced by the Grammy award-winning Philip Allen (Adele), the self-titled release features six more raw songs of grit-pop rock. Most bands can only write a few catchy tracks and attempt to even out the tone with a little lethargy –but not GWB. Each new song packs an upbeat punch and melodic soar that just plain rocks. Check out the perpetually grooving “Sleepwalk”. Great White Buffalo will perform every Tuesday in April for their residency at Hemingways (presented by The Basement Sessions). Come on out, it’s FREE! View Original 04/19/2013
Fire Note Says: Great White Buffalo compose fun and heavy pop hooks. Album Review: A lot of bands put themselves out there with an adrenaline rush of a sound; Great White Buffalo is one of those bands which consist of members Graham Bockmiller, Stephen Johnson, Blake LaGrange, and Rich Carrillo. The L.A. rockers have indie sensibilities, classic rock edge, 90’s pop rock undertones, and a dance induced swagger which aims to inject an intelligent emotional component back into the veins of rock and roll. Great White Buffalo’s self-titled record is a success when it comes to fun, groove driven, big rock sounds. Its main difficulties comes forth in a somewhat been there done that form but don’t let that deter you. “Thanks For Nothing’ is a fun guitar skitter, strum shuffler that evolves into a wide open spacey shrieker-Kings of Leon come to mind. Graham Bockmiller’s vocals are gritty, that’s for sure. The cleverly rocked and sexy “Likely Story” shows the right amount of vocal strain without feeling overdone. “In The Fold” burns with the intense fire of the sun. It also carries along with it the easy going, dream like swagger of a Strokes song. “Sleepwalk” it a straightforward charged streaker with a sultry soulfulness mixed with an energetic, scream out shout along. Final track and longest of the bunch “Burn” comes forward with waves of progression. Subtle hums, drums, and finely crafted strums start everything off. Bockmiller’s vocals give off a deep, exaggerated 90’s vibe; It’s the three minute mark when the track opens up a bit more, offering up a glam/funk theme mimicking The Killers. Great White Buffalo’s self-titled is exactly what someone looking for a fun listen would want. It incorporates its influences nicely and keeps the energy high at all times. These guys would make for a great opening act keeping the audience’s attention, amping them up for the night, and keeping everyone in the groove. Like I said before, predictability may be a component here but Great White Buffalo make up for it with their passion for making good old rock n roll. Key Tracks: “Thanks For Nothing”, “Likely Story”, “Burn” Artists With Similar Fire: The Soft Pack / Kings Of Leon / The Strokes View Original 05/22/2013
Both frontman Graham Bockmiller and lead guitarist Stephen Johnson hail from just East of the Caldecott Tunnel. They formed GWB in 2011 in Los Angeles, and this week they’ll get two chances to showoff their hard work to a hometown audience. Rounding out the band in the rhythm section are drummer Rich Carillo and bassist Paul Hiller. In the two years since the band’s inception, they’ve been recording and gigging non-stop, killing it in iconic LA rooms like El Cid & The Viper Room. SoCal is taking notice, recently including GWB in a list of 10 LA Bands You Should Know, in fast company with Father John Misty and Lord Huron. GWB just released a self-titled EP and are getting on the road to share what they’ve done. The end of February will give them two opportunities to showcase their new material in the Bay. First, they’ll play in support of the New Orleans rock group The Revivalists at The Independent. The following Wednesday will find them at Bender’s Bar playing a happy hour party hosted by San Franpsycho as a part of the 21st annual Noise Pop Festival. Link to “10 LA bands you should know”: Link to hear their new EP: View Original 05/28/2012
Artist: Great White Buffalo Hail From: Los Angeles Song: 'Russian Satellite' Album: 'Tightrope' Sounds Like: Foo Fighters, Doves In Their Words: "We don't think too hard about the music we write. One of us comes up with an idea on our respective instrument and we go from there. The idea for 'Russian Satellite' came to Graham (singer) in a dream, others in a drunken, debaucherous jammin' rampage, and the rest spawn from the brilliant mind of our guitar player Stephen. We don't use a click unless we absolutely have to and we f--- up. A lot." -- Drummer Rich Carrillo View Original 06/19/2012
Buzz Track: Sinking In California rockers Great White Buffalo are creating a big buzz with the release of their EP ‘Tightrope’ which was co-produced by Grammy Winner Phil Allen (Adele 21). After spending time with the tracks you will hear the influences which include The Verve, Queens of the Stone Age and The Strokes. You can expect a heavy industry turn out at their June 28th show at The Troubadour in West Hollywood. View Original
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